Why Alpaca
Grupo Inca, besides having an alpaca ranch dedicated to genetic research and the sustainable development of alpaca breeding in Peru, has two textile companies in which the alpaca fibre is the main raw material. The conglomerate wanted to educate his clients and the people in general about the contribution of alpaca fibre to the environment and its sustainability. They needed something they could use as a tool when presenting the many benefits of using alpaca fibre in the textile industry as well as shipping it to their customers, so they can use it with their own clients.
Inca Tops Website
Inca Tops asked me to design a website that would be more engaging to their customers, persuading them to stay longer and driving them to navigate through the entire website. Since the main objective for the website was to engage with the company’s international clients, a more stylish, clean and modern look was needed.
Kuna Milenium
The company asked me to design a series of packaging solutions for the KUNA Milenium collection. Which included two different size boxes for scarves and shawls and a big box for blankets. KUNA Milenium is a challenge taken on by KUNA to reinvent the feats of textile beauty and techniques achieved by the ancient Peruvian weavers.
Portugal Website
Portugal is an international company with more than 150 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. The company produce more than 700 products within health care, cosmetics, vitamins, natural products and sun care. I was asked by Portugal to redesign their current website, which was divided into a corporate website and an online store. The new website needed to be more visually appealing, modern, easy to navigate and to manage in-house by untrained people. Since the previous website was divided into two, it was very hard for the customers to find the right information and products.
Flores Nano & Soto
Identity, Web, Print material and Merchandising for a law firm specialized in national and international arbitration it was born under the leadership of lawyers Lourdes Flores Nano and Carlos A. Soto.
Identity, print material and architectural design for a Peruvian food bar. Everything was designed thinking about the environment, with recycled paper, using stamps instead of printing the materials and using chalk to decorate the walls and display the menu.
Inca Tops - Responsive Website for Stock Service
A responsive website designed to showcase Inca Tops Stock Service collections of yarns and Tops.
Inca Tops - Collections Responsive Websites
A series of responsive websites designed to showcase Inca Tops different collections of yarns and Tops.
Amano Yarns
Responsive Web design for Amano Yarns (An Inca Tops B2C brand) to showcase their most luxurious product, a wooden box with two yarn balls made of Vicuña fiber.
Las Gringas
Identity and Print design for a pizza place focused on making healthy pizzas with local ingredients.
OMA Centro Odontológico
Identity, web, Print design and Packaging for a team of young dental specialists.
LOURDES FLORES NANO Propiedad Intelectual
Print design for LFN Propiedad Intelectual. The famous Peruvian lawyer and congresswoman Lourdes Flores Nano commissioned us the design of a brochure for her intellectual property law firm.
Andes Trading
Identity, Web and Print design for a producer and a trader enterprise of grains, fresh fruits and frozen foods, which belongs to Ulexandes Group, a company with 18 years of experience producing and trading boric products.
Identity, Editorial, Print and Photography for a restaurant specialized in seafood and peruvian food with a very innovative cuisine.
Chaqchao's packaging and print design
Packaging and Print design for a store - Cafe that sells Organic, Stone-Ground Chocolates, Coffee, desserts & craft Peruvian beers.
Crazy Llama Cider Company
Identity, Illustration, Print design and Packaging for an apple cider micro brewery owned by an English entrepreneur but based in Arequipa, Perú.
De aqui para fuera
Identity, Web and print design for a consulting company focused on the development of young students and athletes. They offer students the best options for universities located in the United States, with the possibility of obtaining scholarships. They have offices around the world, we were assigned to work the brand identity and other actions for the office in Peru.
Grey Parrot Language Services
Identity, Web and Print design for an international center for language services, they work with English, Spanish, Quecua, French, German and Japanese. They have clients in mining, various industries, commerce and medicine. They needed a name as well as all the corporate identity design, including their website. We decided to use the name GREY PARROT for two main reasons, because the Gray Parrot is a bird that is known for its high intelligence and ability to memorization and repetition of words and because the pronunciation is the same in both Spanish and English
Print design, Editorial and photography for Manta restaurant, they commissioned us the design of their menus, we focused all the work on showing and emphasizing their food presentation and looks.
Identity, Web, Packaging and photography for an international organization formed by entrepreneurs, designers, makers an activists, for the purpose of bringing sustainable change through the manufacturing and sale of alpaca wool garments via the web and a physical store located in Brooklyn, NY. Paqu uses the “one for one concept” business model. for every garment sold they promise to deliver a free garment to a person in need.
La Tisanera Emolientes
Identity, Print design and Packaging for an emoliente shop (emoliente is a Peruvian herbal tea)
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