Fire is a boutique graphic design and brand strategy studio. We work with our clients in creating, optimizing and marketing their brands so they can connect with people.

What does boutique design studio mean?
It means that we are a small design studio that focuses on specialized work for a limited list of clients.

How do we work?
We operate with a small staff, and use hand-picked and trusted contract workers and freelancers to handle specific aspects of a job, when needed. Producing great quality work.
The end result is a highly individualized and personalized experience for our clients.

What are the benefits of working with us?
You will have a specialized team to your disposal until the end of your project.
A personal touch, because you are working with a carefully chosen team, tailored to your needs.
Faster turnaround, because we don’t take on more projects then we can comfortably handle at one time.
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